Train crash in Egypt as 32 people feared dead


At least 32 people have died after two trains collided near the Egyptian the city of Sohag on Friday. 

So far more than 66 people are reportedly injured and dozens of ambulances are at the scene of the crash, a statement from Egypt's health ministry said.

Passengers remain trapped under extensive wreckage according to local video clips, while people attempt to pull them out of the carriages. 

Egypt's railway authority said the trains collided after the emergency brakes were triggered by "unknown individuals".

It is thought the braking caused the other to crash into the stopped train from behind. A railway spokesman added that they are conducting further investigations.

Some victims seemed unconscious, while others could be seen bleeding. Bystanders carried bodies and laid them out on the ground near the site.

The Egyptian minister of health is heading to the scene, local media reports.

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