Allegations against Patami- Shehu Sani


 Shehu Sani, former national lawmaker responded to the news of Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Ibrahim Isa Patami appearing on his watchlist. In accordance with his statement, he said that extremists and terrorists disdainfully view him as a moderate establishment but they that consider otherwise should consider his viewpoint.

 Reports came in that weekend about Patami placed on watchlist because he has ties with leadership of terrorist group operating in North East, Boko Haram. The confidant that relayed the information claims the minister has a close relationship with late Mohammed Yusuf, leader of dreaded terrorist group that caused unimaginable destruction.

 The report says, "Patami had ties with Abu Quatadaal Falasimi and other Al-Qaeda leaders who he reverred and speaks highly of.

 The minister dismissed the report as false news that Patami has been involved in various debates that preached against insurgency which in turn endangered his life and Sani who represented Kaduna Central Senatorial district at 8th Assembly backed up the minister saying, "Patami is publicly know to be a cleric who preaches violence or advocates for it in his Islamic activities.

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