Bayelsa state won't allow substandard roads to be constructed


With the challenges of bad roads facing the Nigerian economy, the Bayelsa State Government has made it mandatory for all roads built by contractors are of standard quality knowing that the road projects will have a great impact on the people. 

 The Chairman of Bayelsa Directorate for Project Monitoring and Evaluation Mr Ebiye Tarabina urged the ministry engineers to ensure that site instructions given to contractors are strictly adhered to insisting that the Directorate will go to any length to ensure that roads built in Bayelsa state by all contractors are of good quality. 

 After inspecting Egbedi road, Igbogene Tombia road, AIT Igbogene road, Elebele bridge, Mr Tarabina was impressed and expressed his joy and satisfaction with the quality of work done by the contractors handling such projects.

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