Biafrans stands to resist the plans of MANBAN


The Biafrans have declared they will soon launched out the Eastern Security Network in the northern region. The statement was addressed towards the fact that Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria [MACBAN] plans to move 5,000 of their vigilantes against the igbos to protect their herdsmen and cattle.

 The IPOB declares in a statement signed by director of media and publicity, Emma Powerful that they were ready to fight against the plans of MACBAN considering such as an insult to their land.

 The statement was duplicated and a copy sent to their correspondent in MACBAN.

 In one voice, they proclaimed the MACBAN are provoking them to see what they are made. They have floated Ebubeagu security outfit sent by the south east governor's and now this plans they have organized. They will no longer sit back and watch that they have tolerated enough and are at their limits.

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