Britain shouldn't be trusted to fulfill their promise to IPOB members - Professor Hartz Ofoeze


Professor of Political science in Abia State University, Professor Hartz Ofoeze warns the people of Biafra, IPOB not to be swayed by the promise from Unikes Kingdom to grant Asylum to persecuted members.

He said in an interview, "he is of the belief that Britain can never be trusted as they were the cause of Nigeria woes.

"The promise is a trap for the IPOB and other Biafra's group to allow themselves to be known thereby persecuting them.

"It's of common knowledge that right from Independence, Britain only gives undue advantage to section of the country. "Their actions should be taken as an after-thoughts and even if they plan to do so, it doesn't need to be announced ahead of time."

Southern people of Nigeria are known as people to be reckon with and UK doesn't want to have anything to do with them but are only looking for easy baits to manipulate.

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