Czech government cautions Russia


The Czech government on Wednesday cautioned Moscow it may oust more Russian ambassadors except if the 20 Czech nationals launched out from Russia were permitted to get back to work inside a day. 

Moscow reacted by saying the final offer was "unsatisfactory". 

On Saturday, Prague ousted 18 Russian international safe haven staff in succession over Russia's supposed job in a blast that killed two individuals in the Czech Republic in 2014. Moscow sent back the Czech representatives in reprisal on Monday. 

"The Russian Federation has until 1200 tomorrow (1000 GMT) to permit the arrival of all removed representatives back to the Czech international safe haven in Moscow," Jakub Kulhanek, the new Czech unfamiliar priest, told correspondents. 

"In the event that they can't return, I will cut the quantity of Russian government office staff in Prague so it would relate to the current circumstance at the Czech consulate in Moscow," he added. 

Subsequent to bringing Russian envoy Alexander Zmeyevski, Kulhanek said Moscow's reprisal had been "lopsided and it indeed deadened the consulate".

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