Ebubeagu security outfit was rejected


The new military uniform EbubeAgu wasn't supported by the world Igbo congress. 

 The rejection came across from the chairman of board of directors, Prof Anthony Eijofor and executive members of WIC.

 "The focus should be on strengthening the Eastern Security Network and they shouldn't allow themselves to be pawns in the hand of fulanis herbsmen," said Basi Onwuke,  WIC spokesman.

 The leaders who claim to be our defenders are of the same kin and ties with the very people after their heads.

 Ebubeagu was rejected as a result of allerged claim that they were involved in prison break at Owerri, though there was no proof.

 The WIC declares they won't apologise for protecting the interest of their homeland. WIC calls on the south east governor's to rebuild and strengthen their justice department and prosecute law breakers. It will help to cross check the activities of fulani herbsmen.

 They advocates that they should sue President Muhammadu Buhari for abdicating the igbos from top positions in government accordingly to violation of Federal character clause of 1999 constitution.

 Finally, the congress states all they want is to correct the I'm balances and enforce a better governing system for a brighter future.

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