Emiko Utieyinoritsetsola emerges as new Olu of Warri in Delta state


  News was rumored that Ogiame ikenwoli 20th Olu of warri died in December 2020 from covid-19 a week after his 5th coronation anniversary but it wasn't disclosed to the public as the palace official excusing themselves that the Olu was indisposed.

There was some hidden factors as to why such actions was taken. After all conclusion and arrangements had been made by palace officials. Officially it was announced on April 5th the passing of late Ogiame Ikenwoli olu of warri in Delta state. Johnson Amatserunreleghi stated the town will go into a period mourning withholding every celebration for the next 3 months.

Ogiame ikenwoli wasn't stated to have an heir or it might be a hidden fact but a Prince, Emiko Tsola Utieyinoritsetsola born on April 2 1984 to Godwin Toritseju the late Ogiame Atuwatsell and Gladys Durorike Emiko in warri, was announced as the new Olu of warri. He holds a bachelor's of arts degree in international studies and political science as well as a master's degree in management. He's married to Ivie Okunbo daughter of billionaire business man Captain Hosa Okunbo. Their blissful wedding was held in November 2014.

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