Governor Seyi Akande of Oyo state receives a new delegation


 Governor Seyi Akande of Oyo state, insists Government and the academic industry must work together and co-operate with one another.

Akande, recently received a delegation from Unilag which was led by Professor Toyin Ogundipe. He addresses the university as it is located in Lagos State should research a chance of having a memorandum of understanding with Unilag to deal with the economic situation the state is faced with.

He said that, "the crisis that almost disrupted UNILAG recently was investigated and resolved. UNILAG is back to fulfilling the mandate the university was created for."

Moreover, during his stay he visited the electrical engineering department, as he carried out an experiment on the machine laboratory situated at their department. It was because of the experiment done and the Italians brought over that gave birth to Automatic laboratory.

As the project was to kick off they looked for people to power PSCS all over the place. In search of curriculum vitae which was nowhere to be found, they had to receive the 22, 23 years old Philippines brought over for assistance. Though he said, he wasn't sure how deep the programme was run but they were able to produce a considerable number of young engineers coming out of school to enter into the PSC programme.

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