Increase in fuel prices across the states in Nigeria


National Bureau of statistics gathered all the prices sold in 774 local government across the states to know the average price. It was discovered residents of Lagos, Ebonyi and Nigerian states paid the highest price. 

Lagos N200.87

Ebonyi N184.17

Niger N183.5 and it was also noticed Adamawa, Taraba, Bauchi paid the lowest price. 

Adamawa N162.91

Taraba N162.67

Bauchi N164

 It also stated that the fuel price increase from N166.24 to N172.68 in March. The field work were done by over 700 NBS staff in all state.

 Consequently, the prices gathered reflects the actual price by household who bought together and fuel suppliers that sold. Average price for  each state was calculated for the average price for the country is the average price of the state.

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