Iran gathers Portugal envoy

 Iran on Tuesday gathered the agent of Portugal, current holder of the European Union's pivoting administration, to challenge the coalition's approvals on eight Iranian military and police bosses over a destructive crackdown in 2019, state media detailed. 

The Foreign Ministry voiced Iran's dissent to the envoy, media reports said, over the approvals which included travel boycotts and resource freezes and furthermore boycotted Hossein Salami, top of the Revolutionary Guards. 

The actions over the crackdown against road fights which started in November 2019 were the principal EU sanctions on Iran for denials of basic liberties since 2013, as the coalition had avoided infuriating Tehran in the desire for shielding Iran's 2015 atomic accord with world forces. 

Upwards of 1,500 individuals were murdered during under about fourteen days of agitation. The United Nations said the absolute was in any event 304. Iran has called the detailed cost "counterfeit news". 

Iran, which has over and over dismissed allegations by the West of denials of basic freedoms, excused the EU's approvals as "invalid".

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