Jason Derulo says he is really looking forward to being a dad


Jason Derulo is excited his pregnant sweetheart is anticipating an infant kid, since he'll be the principal kid to convey the family name into the future. 

The artist's siblings and sisters are guardians to all young ladies and the group was starting to get a little worried that the Derulo line would end with them. 

"I was unable to be more energized it's a kid... There is no men to convey my name (sic)," Jason said during a taped appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show. 

"My sibling had all young ladies, my sister had young ladies, so there's no more Derulos... I expected to get it going on the grounds that someone must convey the name," he clarified. 

Furthermore, the Savage Love artist concedes the circumstance is amazing in light of the fact that he was simply starting to get broody when his better half, Jenna, reported she was anticipating his child. 

"I think everything occurs in the correct time," he shared, noticing: "I was simply beginning to like truly get child fever... (At the point when) you meet somebody you extremely associate with... It occurred at the perfect time." 

Examining that he has effectively "accomplished such a great deal in my life... furthermore, I've had the option to achieve a ton," Derulo pondered: "so now in my life I'm similar to, 'alright, presently who do I impart it to?'" 

In the interim, he uncovered Jenna is having the ideal pregnancy, up until this point: "She's in reality acceptable," he said, adding: "It hasn't been an extreme pregnancy by any means. She's been outrageously acceptable. The most noticeably awful thing that happens is he (child) simply kicks a ton. At whatever point he hears music he simply begins moving... I simply picture him in there simply getting it."

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