Jubilee Syringe manufacturing company supports the ban against importation of syringe issued - Federal Government


Akin Oyediran, managing director of Jubilee Syringe manufacturing company backs up the  plan of FG to ban the importation of poor quality syringe and needles products into the Nigerian market's.

 The high rate of the these products have gain access to the market is alarming and Nigerians are caution that such is destructive to their health, what the FG has proposed has pushed manfacturers to produce over 2 billion quality syringe that replaces the inequality syringe to substain the market.

 Consequently, after the presentation of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certification of JSM company by professional evaluation and certificate in the board, Oyediran said newsmen arrived to ask questions.

In Oyediran's response, he says, "the most important thing that we need to ensure is that our people have access to good and quality syringes. The research was not done themselves, but reports everywhere says that syringes imported into the country are inferior quality and are not sterilized.

 "The only way the government can solve the problem is to ban the importation of syringe since there are available manfacturers to produce them, in order to make sure Nigerians have access to quality syringe.

 "The estimated number of syringes needed in Nigeria market is over 2 billion". The JSM and other manufacturers are giving their all to satisfy and substain the market.

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