Lille beats PSG as Neymar sent off

 Lille's Jonathan David's deflected shot, gave Lille the lead over Paris Saint-Germain in the first half of the game. 

Neymar and Tiago Djalo were both given a red card after they had a foul on each other. 

Neymar, pushed Djalo after the bull had left the pitch, but Djalo got angry and it led to a little argument on the pitch and he was shown a red card also. 

Paris Saint-Germain, is presently three points behind Lille in the Ligue 1. Lille also had lost their last two matches having won the Ligue 1 crown last in 2010, are presently working towards winning another Ligue 1 trophy. 

Paris Saint-Germain have now lost 10 games so far this season and they face Bayern Munich in the champions league on Wednesday.

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