Michel Kilo dies in France

Banished figure Michel Kilo passed on of COVID-19 on Monday in Paris after a long period of serene battle against Baath party rule in Syria, associates said. 

Kilo, who turned 80 a year ago, was a central participant in endeavors to frame a dependable peaceful option in contrast to President Bashar al-Assad's system during the beginning phases of the contention that emitted 10 years prior. 

"An extraordinary misfortune. Educator Michel Kilo left us today after he was contaminated with Covid-19," senior resistance figure Nasr Hariri wrote in an articulation. 

"Michel was a scholarly and devoted force to be reckoned with and his fantasy was to see a free and vote based Syria. God willing, the Syrian public will carry on this fantasy and own it," he said. 

Kilo, who was likewise an author, was brought into the world in 1940 to a Christian family in Syria's Mediterranean town of Latakia, a stronghold of the Assad family's Alawite minority. 

He spent a few in jail under the standard of Hafez al-Assad and of his child Bashar. Estranged abroad, Kilo had been living in France.

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