Minister angry with UK for adding Pakistan to red list countries

Minister for Human Rights Dr Shireen Mazari on Sunday depicted remembering Pakistan for the red rundown of movement boycott nations and the obligatory isolating in the UK as a harsh move by the British government. 

"This is totally despicable. These individuals have paid 1,750 pounds for every individual to go through 10 days of mandatory isolate in the UK and are being treated in this obtuse way essentially on the grounds that they end up being of Pakistani source," the clergyman tweeted. 

Dr Mazari said this was a biased methodology towards Pakistani and British nationals of Pakistani source. "It is one more impression of placing Pakistan in the rundown of red zone nations however leaving out states like India, which has probably the quickest twisting of Covid cases in addition to another deadly variation moreover." 

With these messages, she likewise transferred a video made by Pakistanis isolated in the UK showing the quandary of around 18 to 19 families. They griped that they were being denied food and their youngsters eating cold food with instances of food contamination. They additionally griped of fasting without Sehri. 

"We need food that is eatable by elderly folks and kids the same," said a Pakistani isolated in the UK, mentioning that their fundamental basic freedoms ought to be met. 

On April 2, British High Commission Christian Turner said his administration was keeping its line measures under close audit as a result of Covid-19. "It is being reported that Pakistan has been added to the UK's red rundown of movement boycott nations," he said in a video message posted on his twitter account. 

He clarified that red posting implied that solitary UK/Irish nationals and those with residency rights will be "permitted to go from Pakistan to the United Kingdom from 0400 (UK time) on Friday, April 9. Anybody showing up into England after that should book an oversaw isolate lodging ahead of time". 

While non-stop flights would keep on working between the two nations, Dr Turner said he understood that this news would be unwanted by so many of the British-Pakistani people group. 

In light of inquiries concerning a portion of the reasons Pakistan was being remembered for the red rundown of nations in regards to Covid-19 pandemic, how fulfilled was the British government with the SOPs being followed at air terminals in Pakistan and if the British government could expand on the viability of home testing units gave to its residents, the UK government said it was a result of the huge common local area that the UK was hoping to restrict the spread of Covid-19 among loved ones and making a further move. 

The UK government said the choice by priests to add and eliminate nations from the red rundown depended on most recent logical information and general wellbeing guidance from a scope of world-driving specialists. 

The danger evaluations covered a scope of elements, including appraisal of reconnaissance/sequencing capacity, accessible observation/genome sequencing information, proof of in-country local area transmission of Covid-19 variations, proof of exportation of new variations to the UK or different nations, and travel availability with the UK.

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