NAF:Our Jets wasn't shot down by Boko Haram


The stream, NAF 475, went off the radar on Wednesday, March 31. 

On Friday, the flying corps had said the airplane may have slammed as the two pilots on board were all the while missing

The Abubakar Shekau-drove group of Boko Haram, notwithstanding, asserted obligation regarding the accident in a video. 

In any case, Edward Gabkwet, NAF representative, in a proclamation, said the accident was a mishap as the guerillas are not equipped for cutting down the fly. 

"Albeit the video is as yet being completely dissected, it is obvious that most pieces of the video were intentionally doctored to offer the bogus impression that the airplane was chance down," he said. 

"For example, the video cut neglected to show the relationship between's the irregular shooting, which even from easygoing perception was clearly focused on ground targets, and the abrupt mid-air airplane blast. 

"Furthermore, it is practically incomprehensible for an airplane to have detonated mid-air, in the way portrayed in the video, and still have a decent piece of its fuselage, including its tail, unblemished. Undoubtedly, a hazardous effect of that nature would have dissipated the trash of the airplane across a few miles. 

"Clearly the Boko Haram organization, in its trademark way of utilizing bogus purposeful publicity, is looking to guarantee credit for what was clearly an air mishap that might have been brought about by a few different reasons; especially when the capacity of the gathering to dispense commotion has been altogether debased by the Armed Forces of Nigeria." 

Gabkwet prompted that the video be disregarded until all examinations concerning how the airplane smashed are finished. 

He added that the aviation based armed forces, on its part, stays undaunted and will keep on working in cooperative energy with other security organizations to free the north-east of all "fear based oppressor components".

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