Nigeria general elections to hold on February 18, 2023


The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has declared that the following general political decision will hold on February 18, 2023, Daily Nigerian reports. 

Educator Mahmood Yakubu, the INEC commission's administrator, spread the word about this while expressing at a formal review on the 'Public Electoral Offenses Commission (Establishment) Bill, 2021' on Wednesday, April 28, in Abuja. 

The INEC director as indicated by Channels TV noticed that the plan and timetable of exercises for the political race ought to be delivered after the Anambra governorship political decision booked to hang on November 6. 

As per him, the nation has precisely one year, nine months, fourteen days, and six days to the following general political race. 

He communicated certainty that the National Assembly will do the needful about the Electoral Act Amendment Bill. 

In the mean time, Legit.ng detailed that INEC reported that the Continuous Voters Registration (CVR) exercise will continue on June 28 the nation over. 

Talking on Thursday, April 1, the constituent commission's administrator, spread the word about this while tending to pressmen during a media preparation at the commission's central command in Abuja. 

Educator Yakubu in a progression of tweets shared on the commission's Twitter page clarified that the activity couldn't recommence significantly because of COVID-19. 

In a connected turn of events, the appointive commission said the 2023 general political race might be prevented because of a portion of the difficulties being looked by the body. 

Festus Okoye, the public magistrate and director of the commission's Information and Voter Education Committee (IVEC), illustrated the issues on Sunday, January 17, in Nasarawa state. 

Okoye, who talked during a five-day workshop coordinated to survey the INEC elector schooling manual in front of the Anambra governorship political decision, said the hindrances will impede free and reasonable exercise except if being handled.

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