Nigeria has natural endowment for greatness yet the economy degenerates


Bishop Charles Ighele, Chairman of financial Accountability Council of Pentecostal Fellowship commemorate his 66th birthday in Lagos. On that day he vocalizes that Nigeria is need of visionary leaders to restore the dead sectors of the economy as well as the dying ones. 

 Going forward, as part of the activities outlined on his birthday, he was to address the journalists. He said that despite the natural endowment , human and mineral resources Nigeria is blessed with, the economic is still degenerating.

 Cleric also the General superintendent of Holy Spirit Misssion, Lagos laments over the gradual decadance of the education system and health care delivery system. He says, "The starting point to build a nation was with the development of human capital.

 He went on to express his grief over the deteriorating security system in the country as kidnapping has overpowered the economy giving bandits the upper hand over the life of citizens, businesses foreign and local investment.

 Ighele says, "The Nigerian leaders who claim to be enlightened know nothing about nation's building and are accumulating nation's resources for their benefits. Other African countries though they have Fulani herbsmen, they aren't perpetuators of destruction of lives. The reason is not afar off.

 "The political leaders in those countries are better than our leaders, more mature and enlighten. Making reference that Ghana had faced challenges but Jerry Rawlings put in place a structure. The challenges the country has been faced with could be traced to our leaders".

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