Piers slams Meghan Markle

The 56-year-old telecaster has been condemning the Duchess since she gave her tell-all meeting with Oprah Winfrey a month ago, and surprisingly left his situation as host of 'Good Morning Britain' after his live upheaval following the meeting, where he said he "didn't accept a word" of what she had said. 

What's more, presently, Piers has multiplied down on his remarks, charging the 39-year-old previous entertainer of "making millions off the royals while destroying family". 

In another meeting with FOX News' Tucker Carlson, Piers said: "It's not actually about Meghan Markle - she's a whimsical duchess who needs to make millions off the royals while destroying family - It's truly about free discourse. 

"What befell me is occurring all over Britain and America - I can take it, yet there are numerous individuals who don't have our foundation who are being cleared out, lives obliterated, vocations finished for silly things." 

Docks recently excused large numbers of Meghan's remarks in her meeting, including claims she had made about her psychological wellness, when she said certain individuals inside the illustrious family had advised her there was nothing they could accomplish for her after she said she was thinking about ending her own life. 

Docks Morgan wearing a suit and holding a sign posturing for the camera.

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Furthermore, in his FOX talk with, Piers said he "tracks down that difficult to accept", and called for Meghan to freely name those associated with the discussions. 

He said: "You're blaming two individuals in the royal residence for being unspeakably pitiless essentially to ensure the brand of the Royal family, if that is genuine we should have the names of these individuals and how about we go to them and ask them is this valid. 

"'Did you tell a self-destructive lady, who disclosed to you she was self-destructive, not to find support?' - on the grounds that I track down that difficult to accept." 

Docks likewise addressed the allegations made by Meghan and her significant other Prince Harry, in which they guaranteed an anonymous individual from the illustrious family had brought up issues about the skin shade of their child Archie before he was conceived. 

The telecaster demanded that people in general "don't have the foggiest idea information exchanged" in those discussions, however accepts the inquiries were "blameless". 

Notwithstanding, Piers conceded that assuming it were "stacked with a feeling of defamatory tone or concern, it becomes prejudice".

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