PopRev is set out to be launched by Udux and Piggyvest


Chief Officer of udux, Chidi Okeke and CEO of Piggyvest, Somto Ifezue are in a joint partnership as they are launching a new product called PopRev in May 2021 that allows fans to invest in music catalogue of artistes and share in their earnings.

 Ifezue states this is a platform that is transformative and he is glad to be a part of it. He said this is a new business solutions that will build equity for African artistes and it will be very attractive to our investors. He believes the product will generate revenue and open the market for more data driven investment.

 Furthermore, Davido states that the new innovation came at the right time where it will be very useful. COVID-19 pandemic has left many artistes stranded as it wasn't a substainable means to depend on life performances alone. PopRev will allow independent artistes who are in dire need of support to work on their projects without concerns of financial funding.

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