Russia Foreign Minister to travel to Afghanistan


Russia Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is planning to show up in Islamabad on a two-day visit on Tuesday (today) for chats on respective and local issue, with exceptional spotlight on the two nations' collaboration to push for a political answer for the Afghan clash. 

Lavrov will lead a 13-part designation that additionally incorporates Russian exceptional agent for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov, Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova and a few other senior authorities, as indicated by a rundown of the representatives seen by Daily Times. 

Russia facilitated agents of the Taliban, Afghan government and other Afghan political pioneers at a gathering of the all-encompassing carriage almost fourteen days prior. The all-encompassing carriage, containing agents of Russia, China, US and Pakistan, zeroed in on gaining ground in intra-Afghan harmony cycle to arrive at an arranged settlement and perpetual and complete truce. 

The Foreign Office said on Monday the Russian unfamiliar pastor will have appointment level talks with Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi. He will likewise approach Prime Minister Imran Khan and have association with different dignitaries. 

The Foreign Office proclamation said during the discussions between the two unfamiliar pastors, the whole array of Pakistan-Russia relations will be checked on and ways examined to additionally widen and extend two-sided collaboration in different fields. The two unfamiliar clergymen will likewise trade sees on local and global issues. 

Unfamiliar Minister Lavrov's visit is essential for the developing communication and standard undeniable level trades among Pakistan and the Russian Federation. 

Unfamiliar Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi had met Foreign Minister Lavrov uninvolved of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit in Bishkek in June 2019 and the SCO Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) meeting in Moscow in September 2020. 

"Pakistan and Russia appreciate cordial and helpful relations dependent on shared regard, trust and comprehension. Two-sided participation is developing across a wide scope of regions of normal interest remembering for security and protection, counter-illegal intimidation, and the Afghan harmony measure. Absurd past, developing cooperation in monetary, exchange and energy areas has been the focal point of the two governments," the FO explanation said, adding that the visit of Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will add to additional extending of the complex two-sided relationship and upgrading common comprehension on provincial and worldwide issues. 

Prior, the Russia Foreign Ministry said there are plans to direct an itemized conversation in Pakistan on the current status of respective relations and their improvement possibilities, including openings for additional reinforcing exchange, monetary and counter-illegal intimidation participation. "They will direct an inside and out trade of perspectives on effective issue concerning the local and global plan and will zero in on the Afghan issue and collaboration at multilateral scenes, including the UN and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization," Zakharova said in Moscow on Thursday. 

Lavrov, who showed up in India Monday evening, will arrive at Islamabad Tuesday evening and will later visit Kazakhstan, Iran and Egypt, as per the Russian Foreign Ministry. 

In the midst of developing relations in different fields, Pakistan and Russia have likewise expanded collaboration to push the delicate Afghan harmony interaction and Pakistan is one of the dynamic individuals from the Moscow-design interviews. 

Kabulov, the primary character behind Russia's dynamic job in Afghan harmony cycle and developing contacts with the Taliban political office in Qatar, a month ago visited Pakistan for chats on Moscow's transition to restore the Moscow design. 

Russia had begun the Moscow-design counsels in 2017 with the association of territorial nations in the Afghan harmony measure, which had been on a respite after President Ashraf Ghani began a substitute activity the Kabul Process. It was accepted that the US was behind the Kabul Process to abandon the Moscow meetings, which had acquired energy. However, presently the US and Russia are likewise organizing for a political answer for the issue.

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