Seyi Awolowo, Former BB Naija contestant and grandson of Obafemi Awolowo


Seyi Awolowo, grandson of Obafemi Awolowo, son of late chairman of African Newspaper limited, Oluwole Awolowo was also a former Big Brother Niger contestant. He has been approached on a considerable number of times how he handles female attention. In response, he said he considers as a celebrity it is like a necessity to attract female attention.

 He said," it comes with the territory. One has to understand and accept that one is human and shouldn't live life at one's pace, it shouldn't be attempted to live life walking in another person's pace. Be wise, give everything our best, expect criticisms and learn from them.

 Due to the fact that he participated in BB naija, his popularity has grown to what he never expected. The new popularity has open him up to waves of business opportunities, interacting and have conversations with people he never expected. He had walked into places, rooms that he had only imagine not realizing it will become a reality.

 Seyi featured in a movie, "The Prophetess". Though, he said he will also like to play the role of a villian and how he would look like in the role. He told the public during the Covid-19, he was fortunate to have a support system that help him through that season.

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