The alleged report of plans to disrupt Airport was denied by CNG


National media reports that the youth groups emphasizes on Coalition of Northern Groups had made plans to stop all official activities in Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja. Hence, they were apprehended by DSS.

 CNG spokesman, Abdul Azeez Suleiman denies the reports as false alarm, the earlier report that was stated about the youth groups comprising of Nigerian students, polytechnic students, college of education, Coalition of Northern Groups had arranged plans to stop all activities in Airport to raise global awareness of the state of primary health centers in Nigeria but were distorted by DSS is totally untrue. He says, "none of its officials were invited by DSS, and there wasn't any arrangements of such acts."

 He added that, "the national media aren't careful in their reports about activities of CNG, though they haven't embarked on any action to stop them, hoping they will come around and be more restrain in publishing any reports concerning them."

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