True Justice is much more than a single verdict in a single trial


Barack Obama calls for racism in the justice system to be eliminated

Former US President Barack Obama calls for drastic measures to rectify the racism in the justice system. A jury declared former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin guilty of all charges in the death of George Floyd who died in May 2020 after Derek Chauvin placed his knee on his neck. " Read here

There declared verdict brought about a realizations that black Americans were treated differently", Obama narrated.

It's time for it to be accepted in the country that black Americans are treated differently. The blacks live in fear whenever they encounter a law enforcement as they realize that might just be their last. Works lies ahead to make America become the America they believe in.

Obama portrays verdict on Derek Chauvin as a step to progress but the American Government can't relax.

 Measures need to be taken and follow through so as to reduce and eradicate racism in the criminal justice system. 

Obama and Michelle offers condolences and send their prayers to Floyd's family. They can be assured that he is committed to ensure the blacks has the full measure of justice that so many others have been denied.

Chauvin sentence was shifted to 8 weeks later but he stands to face 40 years in prison for second degree murder, 25 years for 3rd degree murder and 10 years for second degree manslaughter.

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