US ambassador to Russia to return back to the United States


The U.S. ambassador to Russia said Tuesday he will set out home toward discussions — a move that comes after the Kremlin nudged him to accept a break as Washington and Moscow exchanged authorizations. 

The Kremlin accentuated that it couldn't structure Ambassador John Sullivan to leave for interviews and could just "suggest" that he do as such in the midst of the current pressures. 

Sullivan said in an explanation that he is getting back to the United States this week to talk about U.S.- Russian binds with individuals from President Joe Biden's organization. He underlined that he would return to Moscow in practically no time. 

"I trust it is significant for me to talk straightforwardly with my new partners in the Biden organization in Washington about the present status of respective relations between the United States and Russia," Sullivan said in an explanation gave by the international safe haven. "Additionally, I have not seen my family in well longer than a year, and that is another significant justification me to get back for a little while." 

Sullivan's flight comes after Russia on Friday avoided requesting that Sullivan leave the nation however said it "proposed" that he follows the case of the Russian represetative to the U.S., who was reviewed from Washington a month ago after President Joe Biden depicted Russian President Vladimir Putin as a "executioner." Russia has set no time span for Ambassador Anatoly Antonov's re-visitation of Washington.

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