Yahaya attributed the crisis on fake news


Gombe state governor, Inuwa Yahaya on Monday stated that the violence that happened in Billiri in February over the appointment of Mai Tange occurred because of the spread of fake news which contributed to the death of 4 people

A panel of inquiry was set up to investigate the violence. It was also because of what happened that the Gombe state government is determined to discover the causes of the crisis and persecute those involved and take the required precaution to avoid future occurrences.

Investigations involves finding out, remote and immediate causes of protests, identify person or group of persons who sponsored and instigated violent protests, recommend sanctions against such person or group of persons.

Complaints were to be received from victims or families of victims and members of the public over violent protests.

The panel was warned strongly against witch-hunt of anybody. Yahaya said that he had utmost trust in the people that were appointed in the commission to discharge their duties with justice and fairness.

The people were asked to provide genuine information that would support the enquiry and they were expected in 60 days time to submit their reports to the government.

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