Andrei Krauchanka to go on hunger strike


Olympic silver medalist who is one of Belarus' most praised competitors, says he is going on a 10-day hunger strike to help survivors of political constraint in the country. 

Andrei Krauchanka, who medaled in the decathlon at the 2008 Games in Beijing, said Friday that he likewise is selling his European indoor decathlon gold award from 2011 to help the groups of political detainees. 

Non-conformists in Belarus went through months a year ago calling for tyrant President Alexander Lukashenko to leave, following a supposedly manipulated August official political race that gave him a 6th term in office. 

Police got serious brutally on the fights, capturing in excess of 34,000 individuals and beating a large number of them. Krauchanka was among those confined and beaten. 

"Genuine individuals are sitting in jail at this moment - these are their genuine carries on with, these are the messed up existences of their families," Kravchenko said in an articulation about his craving strike. "It is exceptionally hard for me to process this frightening Belarusian reality."

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