Authorities not doing enough to protect citizens of Nigeria - Osai Ojigho


Due to the alarming rate of attacks, abductions, robberies, killings across the nations, Nigerians feel more and more unsafe showing the utter failure of the country's law enforcement authorities to protect lives and properties in the country.

Today is the 60th anniversary of the Amnesty International organisation and they started operating in Nigeria on June 1, 1967 so intervene in the civil war which was ravaging the country at the time. Nobel Laureate winner, Wole Soyinka was held as a prisoner of conscience and was detained for his dissenting opinions.

The Director of Amnesty International, Osai Ojigho stated that not much has changed about human rights in Nigeria since 1967 and if anything it has gotten worse. He lamented on the authorities failure to protect the lives of citizens and properties too leaving Nigerians unsafe in their own fatherland.

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