Cattle business has more economic value - Adamu Garba


Former President aspirant, Adamu Garba states that, whosoever especially hunters that seeks to destroy the Fulani herdsmen and herdswomen have failed.

However, he supported the proposal given by Miyetti Allah that all Fulani Herders should leave southern states. 

Adamu stated, in cattles there are more economic value than the crude oil reserve Nigeria is dependent on. In cattles several mineral resources can be derived just from one cow alone such as oil, meat, milk, dungs, grasses, horns etc, he said.

He urges stakeholders in the North, to invest heavily to turn cow business as opportunities that bring in currency value.

Garba also made a list of ways Northern state region can be developed through the cattle business and that the 2023 election would be between cattle states and non cattle states.l

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