CCTV captures a caregiver killing a baby

The police have arrested a caregiver at a crèche for killing a baby. This incident occurred in Ghana, Accra, after the caregiver vented her anger on an 11-month old baby and allegedly killed the baby while trying to force-feed the baby.

The caregiver who how's by the name Clara Ayani-Ampah, 54 was arrested after a CCTV camera in the room exposed her actions following a complaint lodged by the parents of the child over the death of their child.

Clara leaves the room then comes back with a cup and tissue to clean the floor. She is then seen forcing porridge from the cup into the child's mouth while holding her hands tightly behind her rendering the baby powerless. She is then seen pushing the baby's head into the cup in an attempt to force her to eat the porridge. The helpless baby then appears to be  suffocating screaming and throwing her legs up in the air.

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