Conjoined twins separated successfully in South Africa


Conjoined twins have been  separated successfully in capetown, South Africa at the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital (RCWMCR).


The hospital said the twins were brought to the hospital in February, when they were just four days old.

The so excited mother who is 31 years of age, Ntombikayise Tyhalisi, said she is still surprised and happy about the successful operation. She also added that she couldn't believe that she will be able to hold the twins on seperate hands.

The head of Paediatric Neurosurgery section, at the hospital where the operation was successfully done, Professor Tony Figaji said they were joined together at the head and it is one of the rarest form of twinning in babies.


He also made it known that there was no blood vessels connected to each other.

Meanwhile, Plastic Surgery Head, Professor Saleigh Adams, said the department were prepared for marathon surgery and to their surprise, it only lasted for one and half hour.

The main focus is now for the hospital to ensure the full recovery of the twins.

The mother is also doing well and fine.

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