Diezani's corruption in Nigeria - EFCC


Former Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison Madueke  faces allegations of laundering in London after it seems she had escaped trial for justice in Nigeria for corruption.

When the cases against Diezani was investigated, the Chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission disclosed they were able to recovered a total of $153 million and 80 houses valued at $80 million.

However, the running British system are yet to yield any charges against her. The former EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu in February 2020, also said the former Minister stole so much money and needs to be deported back to the country to return them all. The current minister, Bawa claims it will be quite a while before the ex-minister could be brought to justice since she was out of Nigeria jurisdiction and the challenge they are faced with was to bring her home to face justice. There are also other cases against her which include a $115 million INEC bribe. Though the case hasn't been dealt with, but it hasn't been abandoned and they are only awaiting her return.y

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