Floyd Mayweather asks his partner to leave his mansion ahead of his fight in June


Boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather has purportedly asked his stripper partner, Anna Monroe, to move out of his $11 million mansion in Las Vegas so he can prepare for his boxing match in June. 

The 43-year-old undefeated boss proposed to Anna Monroe, 29, - lead artist at his Las Vegas club Girl Collection, not long after information on their relationship was uncovered by 'The Sun' recently. 

The Brit-American moved into his Vegas compound, which flaunts 11 rooms, 14 washrooms, and two visitor houses when they began dating. 

Be that as it may, Anna has now moved once more into her old house so Mayweather can zero in on planning for his boxing battle against Youtuber Logan Paul on June 6 and future battles, the insider said. 

"Floyd requested that Anna move out on the grounds that he needs to prepare for his boxing as he gets ready for his next battles," a source disclosed to The Sun. 

"A portion of her companions consider it odd in light of the fact that he lives in a gigantic chateau in Vegas with 11 rooms and two visitor houses - so there's a very sizable amount of space for him to have his own space, yet Floyd needed her to go so he could prepare. 

Floyd is getting once again into boxing to an ever increasing extent - despite the fact that he has expected to have resigned.

"Anna has moved once again into her old loft. It's been a distressing time for her yet she is being understanding and she realizes he is the person who makes major decisions in their relationship. 

"They are still attached and she is strong of him." 

Anna had recently advised companions she needed to have a child with Floyd this year, a source recently revealed to The Sun. 

"Anna has told loved ones she's getting hitched and needs to have a child with Floyd this year..." the source said. 

"Her loved ones have had their interests about the relationship however she's a grown-up, it's her choice and they need her to be happy." 

Floyd Mayweather will take on Paul, 26, in a six-round presentation battle on June 6 in Miami.

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