Fresh Protests in Abuja


Fresh protests took place in, Abuja, May 10, leading to the death of two persons.

The protest happened a day after some motorcycle drivers also staged a protest on Sunday, May 9.

Reports claimed that the protest started after the youths approached some motorcycle operators and tricycle operators in the area and told them to park correctly to reduce the rate at which accidents happen in the area.

The youths also advised those selling foodstuffs close to the roadside to relocate also to reduce accident rates. While they were speaking with the motorcycle operators, an hausa man got angry and stabbed one of the youths. This prompted the youths to beat the hausa man.

The hausa man now made contacts with his fellow Hausa brothers in the area and the youths also got weapons and chased the hausa men away.

Two people were killed and other people were injured in the attack.


The youths destroyed several motorcycles in the area and they also beat up several people in the area.

The commissioner of police confirmed the report.

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