Governor El-Rufai, plans to war with bandits


El-Rufai, Kaduna state Governor stated he is ready to pay the price of collateral damage in war than to pay the price of paying ransom concerning the 29 abducted students of Federal college of forestry Mechanisation Afaka, Kaduna state. El-Rufai disclosed his plan was to attack and kill the bandits even though some students die in the process. It was a risk we were willing to take.

However, before the plans could be actualise the bandits had changed location that extended the length of time the students remain in their custody, the governor stated this at a webinar.

Questions were raised and reports given concerning the governor refusal to negotiate. The governor responded, "two days after the students were kidnapped the army disclosed to him, they knew the bandits whereabouts and location". 

 "According to news received, they planned to attack them even if they lose some students but they were able to slip through the series of armies armed that surrounded the environment."

It was because of the failure to execute their plan, that is why the bandits were not attacked. Paying the ransom can't be an alternative because it doesn't solve the problem.

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