Israel and Hamas (Palentine) are at war against each other


Arising from unresolved conflicts Israel and Palestine are at war with each other. It seemed Israel had a upper hand as the Israeli Defence Forces killed 2 senior Hamas Chiefs, Hassan Kaogi, head of Hamas military intelligence security department and his deputy, Wail Issa. IDF claimed they were killed by Israeli fighter jets. Palestine recorded 36 deaths among the victims were 10 children killed while, Israel recorded a minimal loss of 5 deaths.

Palestine militants and Israeli engaged in the exchange of mutiple fire rockets (Palestine) at Tel Aviv and Beersheba and air strikes (Israel) at Gaza.

Furthermore more, the destruction air strikes and fire rockets caused was immense as a one multi-storey residential building in Gaza collapsed another damaged , Hamas offices and homes of Hamas leaders. The ongoing Offense between Israel and Hamas was said to be the most deadly since  2014 war in Gaza. Based on this development, international concerns were relayed that the situation could go out of control. It was reported on BBC that, the round of violence between them was due to unresolved conflicts between the two parties that was left to grow till now.

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