Joint forces are trying to trigger ethic war between the Igbos and Northerners - Senator Shehu Sani


Former Senator Shehu Sani, critized the manner in which the former aide to Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Ahmed Gulak died.

Sani posted on Sunday via his Twitter handle that certain persons have joined forces to trigger ethic war between Northerners and Easterners. He addressed Nigerians not to allow the plans of such persons to have a foothold. IPOB have denied the claims of murder of Gulak and it should be accepted in good faith.

According to Sani's words on social media, "The cold-blooded murder of Gulak stands condemned. The details surrounding Gulak's murder shows all the elements of joint forces trying to bring about ethnic war between Northerners and Igbos.  

"We are to resist plot. IPOB have given their word that they didn't have a hand played in the death of Gulak and they have extended condolences to the bereaved families. Their statement should be accepted in good faith.

"The Police and Security Agencies should co-operate and ensure they capture the culprits and give justice unto the death of Gulak rather than fingerpoint.

"May Allah Grant Ahmed Gulak Aljanna firdausi."

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