Journalist fired 16 days after employment

The Associated Press has sacked a journalist after just 16 days of employment. A woman of Jewish descent, Emily Wilder has lost her job with the press company just 16 days after joining the company due to her past social media activity.

Emily is a graduate of Stanford University in United States, where she was a member of pro- Palestinian groups like Jewish Voice for Peace and Students for Justice in Palestine. Numerous conservative groups like the Stanford College Republicans were found on her social media pages including social media posts of Emily calling out Israel while she was in college

After immense pressure from other conservative groups, the AP terminated Emily’s appointment. Emily stated that that an editor working for the AP told her that her past social media activism would get her in trouble. 

A spokesperson from the AP stated that she had violated the AP’s social media policy during her time at AP but Emily established that no one at the AP has pointed specifically to the exact social media post that breached the so-called company protocol. Prior to Emily’s termination of appointment, an Israeli airstrike demolished an Associated Press office in Gaza. In an interview with the Washington Post, Emily professed her love for journalism and stated that part of what made her good at the job was her care for the people she was writing about. 

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