Kidnappers of Greenfield university student demands N100M and 10 motorcycles


Kidnappers of the understudies of Greenfield University, Kaduna have taken steps to kill the excess understudies in their care, if a payoff of N100m isn't paid prior to Tuesday (today). 

A head of the crooks, who stole the understudies, Sani Jalingo, addressed the Hausa administration of the Voice of America on Monday. 

He demanded that a payoff of N100m and 10 bikes should be accommodated the understudies to remain alive. 

Jalingo gave the danger as herders on Monday killed 19 people, including youngsters, in new assaults on certain networks in the Gwer West nearby Government Area of Benue State. 

The people group assaulted included Tse Amgbem, Udam close to Aondoana and Agbanu Seghev/Ukuse all in the Gwer West LGA space of the state. 

Gatherings, including the Arewa Consultative Forum, the Middle Belt Forum, the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union and a Tiv bunch, denounced the slaughtering in Benue State and the danger by outlaws to murder understudies of Greenfield University, Kaduna State. 

Review that 23 understudies and an individual from staff of the exclusive college, situated along the Kaduna-Abuja parkway were snatched from the school on April 20, 2021. Not many days after the fact, five of the understudies were killed by the crooks. 

Jalingo, in the meeting with the Hausa administration of the VOA, requested a payment of N100m and ten bikes. 

He cautioned that the disappointment of the Kaduna State Government or the understudies' families to satisfy the needs by Tuesday, would prompt the killing of the leftover understudies. 

He demanded that if the cash ( N100m) and the items(motorcycles) requested were not given on Tuesday, trucks would be utilized to empty the inert groups of the leftover understudies. 

He said 17 of the stole understudies, including 15 females and two guys, were in their guardianship. Jalingo uncovered that the groups of the leftover understudies had so far paid N55m. 

Jalingo said the N55m was utilized to take care of the abductees. 

Following the capture of the understudies and a staff individual from the school, the outlaws had made contacts with the guardians and requested N800m recover for the arrival of the understudies. Yet, five of them were subsequently murdered for inability to satisfy the need.

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