Manchester United's loss to Villarreal will cost Liverpool


Manchester United's lost to Villarreal on Wednesday, might not be in the favour of Liverpool. The football match between Red Devil's and Spanish ended after 120 minutes with a tie of 1-1. Penalties were played and the Red Devil's lost 11-10 to the Spanish.

The 2021/2022 Champions league will begin in August and Pot 1 features as the highest ranked clubs among the European leagues; Manchester City, Atletico Madrid, Bayem Munich, Inter Milan Lille and Sporting Lisbon.

Villarreal club winning the Europa League final made them to join the pot.

Manchester United's lost in the game played in Gdansk made them to be in pot 2 alongside, Liverpool, PSG, Barcelona, Juventus, Real Madrid and Sevilla.

Currently, there is only one spot in pot 2 as Borrussia Dortmund drop to pot 3 which resulted them to be Liverpool's opponent in the next group stage.

On Saturday, Manchester United faces Chelsea, it is a breaking point and if Pep Guardiola's men win, Chelsea becomes the 8th team in Pot 2 meaning Dortmund will drop to Pot 3. 

Champion leagues coming up in August is what will determine, how the final stages will be.

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