Melinda Gates rented $132,000 Island to avoid media, after her divorce announcement


Microsoft founder, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates announced they had decided to end their marriage as it was in their best interest. Read here

 Moreover, in order to avoid media's attention, Melinda rented a $132,000 island per night, so that she and her children with some family members could stay, Bill Gates wasn't welcomed to come.

To confirm the report given, Melinda filed papers in court to actualise the fact that their marriage is over.

Although the announcement was supposed to be in March when Melinda rented a Calivigny island in Grenada to escape the media.

The island in question was one of the most exclusive and private island in the world. It occupies a land area of 80 acres of land offering 10 luxurious suites and a master bedroom with it's own jacuzzi room.

Following when the announcement of their separation was made, sources reports their separation was delayed because they were working out terms of divorce settlement but Melinda eventually left with no correspondence.

Melinda actually has the family support and the divorce wasn't a pleasant one. When the announcement was made Bill Gates transferred $1.8 billion stock to Melinda.

Melinda and Bill Gates had built up over the years $124 billion fortune making them among the richest couple in the world.

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