Minors rescued from prostitution by police command


Minors from teenage years were lured into prostitution from their villages in Akwa-Ibom state to Ogun state with the promise to find them jobs as sales girls in various supermarket and restaurants.

Fortunately, the police command were able to rescue them. The command's spokesperson, Abimbola Oyeyemi let on in a statement issued in Abeokuta on  saturday about the case. 

 It was an operation organised by the an

Area Commander Ota, ACP Muhideen Obe from correspondent, sources received that minors were recruited from other states and used as commercial workers at KOLAB hotel in itele Ota. They were able to rescue 22 teenagers between the ages of 10 and 14 as they stormed the hotel around 8pm.

When the girls were interrogated, they explained how they were brought from their respective homes in Akwa-Ibom state, deceived they will get a job only to arrive in Lagos and moved to Ogun state to do prostitution.

They added they weren't allowed to use any communication devices to contact their parents. The manager of the hotel, Isaac Ogbaji, 33 years old and other 10 males were arrested during the operation.

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