Nation's economy can't grow when there is high rate of insecurity - CBN Governor

Governor of Central Bank Of Nigeria CBN, Godwin Emefiele addresses the effects of insecurity on economy growth.

Emefiele stated that no nation's economy can ever grow with the existence of high level of insecurity.

CBN Governor addressed a committee in a two-day monetary policy committee meeting in Abuja on Tuesday.

In line with what Emefiele said, "When there is a high rate of Insecurity, the economy can't grow. The economy can only grow when there is security."

Emefiele disclosed the country is expecting 12 fighting jets from US in July, to combat the war against insecurity.

Godwin Emefiele, made reference to the pact that Nigeria Government signed with the US Government that led to government acquisition of military equipments. This is the reason for the arrival of the fighting jets. Six out of the 12 promised jets from the US, are expected to arrive Nigeria, in the month of July/August.

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