NDLEA captures members of a drug cartel


NDLEA during it operation enforcement stormed over to a drug cartel where illicit drug was sold alongside with drug cookies, cakes and brownies.

 NDLEA Head of Media Femi Babafemi,   disclosed 5 of their members were arrested and evidences found as each members were found with different brand of illicit drugs. They are as follows;

 Queen, graduate of Business Administration. On her were found 55 pieces of drugged cookies and brownies and 1.3kg of shunk used as ingredients to make cookies and brownies. She sells majorly through Instagram and other Internet platform.

 Samson Peter, manager of SK courier company coordinate the dispatch riders who deliver the goods from both sisters, Queen and Chika. He also delivers drugs from Collins who majorly sells loud and shunk online. From Collins were found 0.9grammes of ecstasy known as molley, 300 grammes of shunk and 200 grammes of loud.

 NDLEA also discovered the cartel were widespread within FCT. FCT Commander, Mohammed Malami Sokoto gave details of their raids in Gudu, Kubwa, Lokogoma, Apo and Damangazo.

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