Nigerian bandit boss in Kastina killed


A Nigerian bandit boss who drove the hijacking of many school children has been killed in furnished conflicts with an adversary pack, days in the wake of reneging on an absolution manage specialists, sources told AFP. 

Awwalun Daudawa drove the snatching of in excess of 500 understudies from Government Science Secondary School Kankara last December. 

It was one of a progression of mass kidnappings by intensely equipped groups of thugs who have become an expanding security challenge in northwest and focal Nigeria. 

On Thursday a Zamfara state government official revealed to AFP, Daudawa experienced reneged on a harmony settlement he made in February and got back to lead his men in the woods. 

"Daudawa was killed alongside four of his commandants Friday early evening time, during a firearm battle with an adversary group in Dumburum woods on the boundary with Katsina express," a Zamfara government official said. 

"He drove his men on a retribution mission to retaliate for the passing of two of his men by the adversary posse during a bombed strike on one of his camps a month ago," said the authority. 

In February Daudawa alongside six companions gave up to Zamfara state lead representative Bello Matawalle in his office where he gave over weapons, saying he had denied wrongdoing, as a component of the absolution to criminals to end the pattern of brutality.

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