Over grazing, banned in Southern part of Nigeria


The southern Governors a total of 17 in number held a meeting and decided under their leadership according to the southern Nigeria Governors Forum to ban over grazing.

In the forum meeting which went on for about 4 hours, southern Governors disclosed that the access of armed herders, criminals and bandits into the southern part of Nigeria had posted a serious security challenge. The Governor's reviewed the present state of the security system focusing on the current security situation whereby they stated, "citizens are no longer at peace neither are they able to live their normal lives due to hold on production activities, posing a threat to food supply and general security.

"The recent developments and the high rate of population growth, places a high demand on available lands. In recent times the migrating herders and the southerners have engaged in serial development over the usage of land.

"Given the situation on  ground, the government decided to enforce the ban of open grazing in the south including the cattle."

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