Police arrest soldier for allegedly killing businessman


Reports have that an army officer allegedly murdered a businessman and collected his vehicle after the businessman had given him a lift in his car on Sunday, May 23 at Ikot-Abasi Local Government Area in Akwa-Ibom State.

A source from Ikot-Abasi LGA  stated that the suspected officer was tracked down and arrested at Ukanafun LGA on Tuesday, May 25, and stolen car along with a rifle were found in his possesion.

According to the source, the businessman allegedly gave the army officer a ride in his car on Sunday not knowing the officer was going to kill him. The officer killed him and dumped his body by the way side. The attention of the public was then drawn to the scene and the police quickly arranged for his body to be taken to the mortuary for his body to be preserved.

On Monday, relatives of the deceased came to the police of Ikot-Abasi and fortunately for them, there was a tracking device in the stolen car so the police assisted them in tracking the car. They were led to Ukanafun LGA where they surrounded the place, arrested the army officer and recovered the car and an AK-47 rifle.

Spokesperson of the command, Odiko Macdon confirmed the incident and added that the police are still trying to identify the person involved.

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