Pop Smoke was killed by 15 year old

 It was disclosed by the Los Angeles Police Department that the late American rapper, Pop Smoke was killed by a 15 year old. They stated it was at Smoke's rented mansion in Hollywood Hills on February 19, 2020. Detective Carlos Camacho stated the 15 year old was among those captured as suspect for the death of the rapper.

Intially their plan of operation was to try and take his Cuban link Chain but they were only able to get away with his diamond watch which was replaced  $2000.

The 15 old year old boy statement was recorded, whereby he disclosed he shot the rapper 3 times on his back. He said, "It seems like the rapper wanted to co-operate but eventually tried to escape but he failed and engage a fight with them. He was whipped and he shot the rapper at his back there after".

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