Prime Minister Netanyahu, declines Biden's call for de-escalation of conflict


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declines Biden's call for significant de-escalation in Gaza conflict, and he has sworn to continue the attacks against Hamas.

Netanyahu, declaration on Wednesday drives a public drift between the US and Israel since the fighting began last week.

Israel and US had always been allies but Israel's Prime Minister seems to frustrate international efforts to reach a resolution and resolve all conflicts.

Recall, that the conflict started several days when Israel had clashes with Palestinians protesters and Israel police at Al-Alqsa Mosque, compound a holy flashpoint site between Jews and Muslims. Militant groups launch an attack and fired rockets towards Jerusalem. 

Ever since, Israel has attacked Gaza with hundreds of Airstrikes targeting Hamas Militant's infrastructure and the Hamas. Other militant groups within the residential areas have fired nothing less than 3700 rockets at Israel cities.

There has been so much blood shed as at least 227 Palestinians have been killed, 64 children and 38 women, amongst them. 1,620 people wounded, as stated by Gaza Health Ministry though they haven't been able to break down the numbers into fighters and civilians. Hamas and Islamic Jihad, records at least 20 of their fighters killed, Israel records at least 130, about 58,000 Palestinians have fled their home.

In Israel, 12 people have died, including a 5 year old boy, 16 year old girl and a soldier.

Militants in Lebanon, threathens to open a new front in fighting, they fired a barage of rockets into Northern Israel.

Fortunately, the rocket attack in Israel didn't cause any injuries, but the possibility of an arising conflict with Isreal was opened.

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